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Accelerate R&D with Actionable Insights

Access real-time innovation data with an AI-powered insights platform.

Cypris connect patents, papers, news and keywords allowing you to search by company
R&D teams transforming insights into action with Cypris

Chasing siloed data wastes time and resources.


US R&D teams spend over $133 billion every year to get answers to their pressing research questions.


R&D professionals spend 50% of their week searching, analyzing, and synthesizing information about a new technology, competitor, or market.


R&D activity is increasing—in just 2021 alone global patent filing reached over 3.4 million patent applications.

A single source for innovation insights

We consolidate data in real-time from trusted public and private data sources, including global patents, research papers, conference transcripts, market news, startups, investors, and more, to bring you up to speed on the most relevant information in one platform.

Cypris connecting to icons for companies, news, papers, and more

Responsive and evolving platform

We’ll synthesize the data you need so you can focus on how to take action. We’re always adding new datasets and delivering new insight capabilities to our platform. Our users’ insights and needs are paramount, and they shape how we deliver on our product and make company decisions.

A company search showcasing the number of patents and latest updates

GPT & AI-powered for differentiated data

We deploy the latest AI technology to build narratives out of raw datasets, uncovering the strategic insights your competitors are missing. GPT and Semantic Search serve as formidable tools for processing substantial volumes of data. That’s why we’re investing in both—to arm our customers with the most advanced market intelligence software capabilities.

Visualization of GPT gathering article data for a summary

Where Our Data Comes From

Cypris AI rapidly analyzes millions of data points, uncovering critical insights that answer your pressing innovation questions. Our data is consistently accurate and current, allowing you to explore both closed and open access papers and conveniently download open access PDFs.

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Secure and trusted

We’re committed to ensuring that your data, including all search queries and research reports you build on our platform, are protected by our strict security and privacy measures. Our company is based in the United States, and we securely store all data within U.S. borders.

A shield over a globe

Ditch redistributed research reports and fragmented raw datasets.

Find out how you can see your entire innovation landscape with one search, or speak with an analyst for tailored research.

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