One Platform, Limitless Insights

Make strategic decisions based on actionable insights.

Graphic showcasing how different teams can use Cypris' search feature

Teams using Cypris

Search, discover and build compelling business cases in one platform

R&D and Innovation Teams

Say goodbye to siloed data and misaligned intelligence tools. With one search, visualize 500M+ data points from global patent activity, scientific literature, commercial players, market news, key opinion leaders, and more in our Innovation Dashboard, alongside specialized GPT-powered insights to help you quickly uncover unique trends within the data. Identify whitespace, ideate new concepts, and monitor important data points with ease. Search, discover, track, then repeat—all in one platform.

Find strategic commercial partners

Technology Transfer Teams

Streamline your technology commercialization process in one centralized platform, designed to bridge the gap between university-born research and operating companies. Use the power of data to build informed lists of potential partners. We’ll provide you with timely data so you know exactly what companies are thinking about the problems you’re actively looking to solve, in real time. Stay in touch with the global commercial landscape so you can bring more innovations from paper to reality.

Synthesized data, ready for action

Business Development & Market Intelligence Teams

Escape the endless sifting through large amounts of data. With one search in the Innovation Dashboard, teams can leverage AI-powered data and GPT-powered insights to support new product development, assess go-to-market strategies, and identify emerging competitors and partnership opportunities—we do the synthesizing so you can convert the latest intel into strategic action. (Business) case closed—and you’ll be ready for the next one.

With Cypris

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Turn 2 weeks worth of research into 15 minutes

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Save approximately 1040 hours per team member on manual research per year

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Save approximately $50K per R&D professional per year

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Save a minimum of 40 hours per week on research per business case

How Cypris Works

We aggregate data from 500M+ data points (that you can count on)
Our proprietary AI analyzes millions of data points in seconds to identify and gather key information relevant to your search
Our intuitive dashboard presents the information and GPT-powered insights in a swiftly understandable way with little training necessary (so you can prioritize your time on how to take action)
Your success is paramount - our data analyst and customer success teams will support yours with all your needs

Turn two weeks worth of research into fifteen minutes

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