Our Mission

Data is the backbone of innovation and the fundamental building block of our work at Cypris. Our mission is to provide our users with understandable and actionable insights to empower their cutting edge research so they can stay at the forefront of innovation.

Cypris reaches across the whole globe

Our Story

Despite the massive budgets allocated to R&D, we realized teams still rely on siloed public search platforms, misaligned market intelligence software, and slow-to-yield market research firms to get answers to pressing questions. In response, we launched Cypris as the comprehensive solution for R&D professionals conducting research and looking for answers to support their next steps. Today, leading R&D teams are using Cypris to ideate new concepts/products, study the technology landscape, and build cases for strategic next steps.

Our Values

Innovation is the Answer

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We enable our customers to innovate, and to do that well, we innovate as a company. We encourage our employees to think of creative new ways of doing things and take action to implement ideas that improve Cypris as a whole. We foster an environment that supports experimentation and celebrates calculated risks.

Learn Every Day

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We’re all about embracing curiosity, growing our knowledge, and staying ahead of the game. We know that by continuously learning, we unlock our full potential personally and professionally, adapt to challenges, and spark innovation. We’re a team that is dedicated to personal and professional growth. We push boundaries and regularly get outside of our comfort zone.

Challenges are Opportunities

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At Cypris, we see setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow. We embrace the idea of continuous improvement and know skills are cultivated over time with deliberate practice. We approach tasks with curiosity, resilience, and a willingness to put in the necessary effort to overcome obstacles. We recognize employees for their effort and growth and encourage them to take on new challenges. 

Autonomous Ownership

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We believe in empowering each team member with autonomy and trust. We trust our team to make informed decisions, take ownership of their work, and contribute their unique perspectives. In return, we provide transparency by openly sharing information, communicating openly, and involving everyone in the decision-making process. This reciprocal relationship of trust and transparency allows us to work collaboratively, leverage individual strengths, and collectively achieve our goals.

Win Together

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As we work towards our shared goal of enabling innovation, we spend time with our team members. We form relationships across departments. We celebrate our team members’ wins, big and small.  

Join Our Team

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