Accelerate your time to insights with Cypris' solutions

With Cypris, teams are equipped with understandable and actionable insights to fuel their cutting-edge breakthroughs and to stay ahead of their competition.

Innovation Dashboard

The platform for streamlining research and collaboration

Our platform’s proprietary AI analyzes 500M+ data points in seconds, so all you have to do is plug in your keywords to uncover an expansive and digestible view of the technology landscape. Cypris AI identifies and presents information related to your search across millions of commercial data points, patents, company data, news, and more while simultaneously extracting deeper-level analytics and unique GPT-powered insights designed to facilitate your research and accelerate your understanding. 


Comprehensive, objective-driven insights that don't take weeks to build

Using our proprietary process of aggregating and synthesizing data, we can help solve your specific challenge and get answers to your pressing questions quickly and accurately with our Cypris Insights. Work directly with an analyst to choose an objective for the report, discuss data inputs, and receive the first draft of the report with unlimited edits. Save +730 hours on research, and +$100K per report.

Data Monitoring

Track innovation activity for the latest updates - straight to your inbox

Be the first to know what’s impacting your roadmap so your team can stay agile and pivot accordingly. It’s easy​​—just build a report in the Innovation Dashboard, choose the key data points you’d like to track, and Cypris AI will email you organized updates in summarized and raw data form at your desired frequency. Keep a live, automated pulse on new product launches, legal events, new research papers, patents, and more so you can focus on next steps.

Diverse Datasets

Our Featured Datasets

Experience the power of a centralized innovation hub that brings together over 500 million private and public data points from an extensive range of sources. With access to 250 million searchable research papers, 150 million global patents, 80,000 market news sources, and 3 million company profiles consolidated in a user-friendly Innovation Dashboard, harnessing insights has never been easier.

Reliable Sources

Where Our Data Comes From

Cypris AI analyzes millions of data points in seconds to identify key information that might hold answers to your pressing innovation questions. Our data is consistently accurate and current, allowing you to explore both closed and open access papers and conveniently download open access PDFs.

Turn two weeks worth of research into fifteen minutes

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